Welcome to the El Purguero – Ayahuasca Healing Center

El Purguero is an ayahuasca healing center owned and run by Ron Wheelock, the “gringo shaman”. It is situated in the Amazon Jungle, 23 km along the Nauta-Iquitos Hwy, from the jungle city of Iquitos in Peru.

Ron is helped by local staff. We offer a tranquil jungle setting and traditional jungle style accommodation. Our center is dedicated to traditional shamanic practice and we offer ayahuasca retreats for healing, learning and personal growth.

Booking Forms, Etc

Please click the below links to download, read and complete the beneath forms, prior to your arrival at El Purguero.

Booking Form: booking form-el Purguero

Joining Instructions: joining instructions el Purguero

FAQ’s: FAQ el Purguero

El Purguero Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ronwheelockselpurguero