El Purguero

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About El Purguero

El Purguero is an ayahuasca healing center owned and operated by the 'Gringo Shaman' Ron Wheelock. It is situated in the Amazon Jungle along the Nauta-Iquitos Highway 23km from the jungle city of Iquitos in Perú.

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Ayahuasca Healing Workshops

El Purguero offers comprehensive 12-day workshops centering on
healing, enlightenment and transformation.

The 'Gringo Shaman' Ron Wheelock spent his shamanic career focusing on
offering participants a holistic experience unmatched anywhere else in the Amazon.

2016 Dates

January 4-15

January 18-26

February 8-14

March 7-18

July 4-15

August 22-September 16 (dieters only)

October 10-16

October 24-30

November 7-18

December 5-16

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Workshop Information

More of a workshop than a retreat, 'Gringo Shaman' Ron Wheelock believes it is important for the seeker to be engaged in every aspect of the Ayahuasca process, from cultivating and harvesting to cooking and blessing the plants. DOWNLOAD PDF

Travel Information

Linked to the outside world only by air and water, Iquitos is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. Here is some useful information that will prepare you for your journey to El Purguero. DOWNLOAD PDF

Medical Information

Ayahuasca is a visionary plant and a tool which, if used properly, can catalyze personal growth and transformation. Still, the decision to take Ayahuasca should be based on a clear understanding of any potential risks. DOWNLOAD PDF


General insights and knowledge regarding all aspects of El Purguero and your trip to the Amazon. Please feel free to contact us using the form below or reach out on social media if your questions are not answered here. DOWNLOAD PDF

Why El Purguero?

Don Ron studied under world renowned teachers and has been an Ayahuasquero for two decades. His medicine works and his ceremonies are powerful. Learn why the 'Gringo Shaman' of the Amazon has received international acclaim.

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Words are inadequate to describe the profound transformation I have experienced in this magical place, El Purguero. Ron is the most amazing human being/magician that I have ever had the privilege to meet.Annie, U.K.

I’ve dreamt of this day for a very long time, and also of coming here to receive healing from Ron. I know several people who have come to him over the years and heard all about their life changing experiences with this medicine, his amazing strength and healing abilities.Iwan, Wales

I was able to visit my past and drop resentments, forgive myself, and rediscover a lust for life I hadn’t know for many years. I was able to rewire my brain and reconnect with spirit. These sessions are some of the most profound and beautiful experiences I have ever known.Rich, U.K.

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